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Step 01

Step 1

Subscribe & Save!

Select the Subscribe now* button & SAVE 20%. This is a monthly subscription; the day you sign up is the start of your subscription.

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Step 2

Simple & Easy

All it takes is just one click! Your CBD product will automatically deliver to you every month and you don’t have to worry about it.

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Step 3

Cancel Anytime

You can stop or pause your subscription with one click. Cancel anytime with no hassle and no strings attached.

Subscribe Now & Start Saving

*Subscription only works with credit card payments and cannot be used with coupons.

Subscription FAQs

All subscriptions can be cancelled at any point of time through the My Account portal online:

All subscriptions can be set On Hold temporarily, and can be re-activated at any time:

Regrettably, you can’t add products to any active subscription unless a new subscription order is placed.
No – you can’t remove products from any active subscription unless the subscription is cancelled entirely.
You may re-activate your subscription at any time online through the My Subscription section in your My Account portal:

You may adjust your renewal date of your subscription. You can do so by contacting our service team and we can make the necessary adjustments for you.
1) First, click on Change payment:

2) Second, scroll down until you see the Add a new card section:

3) Click Change payment method to save your new card.

Tracking information is provided through email once the order is ready for shipping.

Yes – addresses may be revised if it’s within the same province. However, if the new shipping address is in different province, a new subscription will need to be placed.
1) Click on My Account.

2) Click on My Subscription to access and edit your subscription details.

Our system will automatically send you a renewal failure notification and re-attempt to charge your card again.

You can always reach us by phone at 1-844-LAB4CBD, email at [email protected] or live chat if you have any questions or concerns.