Water Soluble CBD Tincture 250mg

1) Who should be using this product?

The Water Soluble CBD tincture 250mg is an ideal choice for beginners & first-time users of CBD oil who are looking for a mild and low dosage CBD product that will not be overwhelming for them to try for the first time.

2) What does this product help with?

This product has been known to help decrease anxiety & stress while promoting calming and relaxation of the mind and body. Provides relief for mild to moderate pains & aches. It may also improve sleep quality overall.

Water Soluble
What is Water-Soluble CBD?

What is Water-Soluble CBD?

Water-Soluble CBD is one of the fastest-acting forms of CBD through the process of utilizing nano-technology. This allows the CBD to have greater bioavailability which refers to the rate at which our body absorbs a particular substance. Greater bioavailability means that your body absorbs the substance quicker with faster-acting effects. You can expect to achieve 5-10x greater results (ex. 250mg will equal 1250mg of pure CBD).

3) How does Water Soluble CBD work?

Water Soluble CBD works more quickly and efficiently than conventional CBD oils due to the fact that it has 5-10x greater bioavailability. Once the capsule has been ingested, it takes approximately 30 minutes for it to dissolve. Because of its high absorption rate, you will quickly realize that it acts and work much quicker than CBD oil since our bodies are made of 70% water.

4) When should I use this?

We recommend using tinctures once in the morning and once at night and splitting your dosage in half accordingly. So if you were taking 1 mL per day, we recommend taking 0.5 mL in the morning and 0.5 mL at night. Additionally, you may take it on an as-needed basis whenever you require relief.

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