Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil Tincture 1000mg (30 ml Bottle)

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Peppermint Flavour:

All CBD Hemp products are Made in Canada and we provide FREE SHIPPING! This product contains less than 0.3% THC.

Did you know Full Spectrum CBD oil is a highly sought-after CBD oil product in Canada? Luckily we provide the best CBD oil that will help tremendously with pain relief. With Full Spectrum CBD, you receive not just cannabidiol but also CBN, CBDV and THCV. These vital cannabinoids work together to help provide maximum pain relief you need to help boost your health today. See the full description below.

2020 Lab Result 1: Certificate of Analysis
2020 Lab Result 2: Mandatory Pesticide Testing


Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil Tincture 1000mg

There is a movement with CBD Oil in Canada and we want to provide CBD users the best quality of CBD oil online. With Full Spectrum CBD, you receive what is known as “The Entourage Effect”. Combining the different cannabinoids including less than 0.3% THC and CBD to create maximum effect for Pain, Sleep, Anxiety, Stress and more! We ship CBD Oil online to Toronto, Vancouver and everywhere else in Canada!

We formulate our Full Spectrum CBD tinctures in Organic Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract, MCT oil, and Hemp Seed Oil. We pride ourselves in stress free delivery – all products shipped from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

All of our CBD products are 3rd party lab test to ensure accuracy, consistency and reliability for all CBD products.

Cannabidiol Breakdown on Dosage:
• 30ml bottle: 1 drop = 1.11mg CBD
• Half dropper: 15 drops/0.5ml = 16.66mg CBD
• Full dropper: 30 drops/1ml = 33.33mg CBD

2020 Lab Result 1: Certificate of Analysis
2020 Lab Result 2: Mandatory Pesticide Testing

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Weight 88 g
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Full-Spectrum Hemp-Extracted Cannabidiol (CBD), MCT Oil, Hemp Seed Oil

88 reviews for Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil Tincture 1000mg (30 ml Bottle)

  1. Carmen

    Amazing within 20 mins of a dose my anxiety is greatly reduced with no side effects.

  2. Ken P.

    Shipment came within a week. Product seems to be of good quality time will tell if it works.

  3. Real M.

  4. Mac Day

  5. Klaus S.

    Appears to be a good product. The order was filled and shipped promptly. I appreciate the detail on the label and the graduated eyedropper – makes keeping track of the actual dosing precise. The product seems to help my arthritis pain but I haven’t used it long enough to be sure.

  6. Holly

  7. Noha D.

    Amazing, it help me with deep sleep, body relaxation, and calmness. Thank you. Please keep up the good effective formula.

  8. Ken

  9. Kenneth T.

    My wife say it is very good, for arthritis pain and leaves her full of energy. my leg pain from diabetes is reduced.

  10. Eric

    Very good…exceeded my expectation

  11. Anonymous

    Bought for my elderly dog that has arthritis and Cushings. It’s been two and a half weeks and there’s noticeable improvement in his mobility and general demeanour. I administer three times a day and haven’t seen any side effects. Likely safer than regular pain meds too.

  12. Anonymous

    Just ordered my third bottle. This product has really helped with my severe pain and has also helped me fall asleep. I noticed a difference in my quality of life since I started using it.

  13. Anonymous

    I love my CBD hemp oil. Ordering the product was straight forward and delivery was really fast. I will continue to purchase my CBD oil from CBD Magic.

  14. Donna D.

    Helps my arthritis in my hip also calms me!


  16. Margo

    I felt a little lightheaded with the first few doses although I used very little. This has passed and I find that I can adjust the dosage easily to get relief from the constant pain that I have endured for the last four years. Ordering was easy and the shipment arrived within days and was tracked right to my door. I am very happy with my experience with CBD Magic.

  17. Anonymous

    This product worked well, did what I was hoping it would do, very pleased

  18. John Leibel

    If you’re shopping around for CBD and not sure about this site, stop shopping and purchase from cbdmagic. Ordering was simple, shipped across Canada in 2 days (free) and customer service was great. Thank you for adjusting my order Kevin

  19. Anonymous

    Extremely happy with this product. My sleep issues have greatly improved, reduced my anxiety and my knee pain is gone. I highly recommend it

  20. Mac Day

  21. Anonymous

  22. John S.

    Product delivered promptly and as advertised.

  23. Diane

    I have been purchasing this for my aunt who has arthritis in her hands. Prior to using the CBD oil, she would wake up in the morning and not be able to move her fingers. Since taking the CBD, she is able to move her joints without pain. This is now her 2nd bottle!

  24. Pauline G.

    Great product

  25. Nancy A.

    I am using this product to help with sleep and have noticed some improvement.

  26. Edward S.

    Got it for pain in feet , after 12 days pain gone !

  27. Elizabeth

    Delivery was so fast . The product so far is helping me at night to sleep .The discount price really helped to make it affordable

  28. Istvan Fekete

    CBD Magic always shipped as promised, their response was timely and courteous and I never had any issue with them.

  29. Fred D.

    Great product great service I will definitely be shopping here again.

  30. Katerina S.

  31. Shawn

    It’s works great for my chronic pain and in turn helps me sleep.

  32. Anonymous

    I am still trying to figure our my dosage as I am going down on my other meds for pain.

  33. Gilbert

    Not enough time to really evaluate

  34. judith H.

  35. Ken Watkins

    Good quality CBD at very good price and timely delivery.

  36. Anonymous

    Works great

  37. Rob D.

  38. Chris McCrum

    After many years of taking sleeping pills they finally were not effective anymore and I wanted an alternative. I tried this product and at first it wasn’t that effective but I was dozing a little too low for my size. With this product I am now going to sleep, staying asleep and getting a good quality of sleep. Perhaps the best part is not having Brain fog in the morning when I wake up. I’m able to get going physically and mentally and a more alert and effective in my work.

  39. Steven Guigue

    good value for price

  40. Mac Day

  41. masha shcherbyna

    Actually works and makes me feel so light and happy. SO RELAXING, PERFECT FOR ANXIETY or before sleep. Do yourself a favor and get this.

  42. David Smith

  43. Anonymous

    prompt delivery, intuitive shopping

  44. Galina S.

    Love the product and the company CBD MAGNETIC.

  45. T. C.

    I wish it was cheaper. Happy with the product results.

  46. Maria

    Has made no difference at all..

  47. Anonymous

    I am sure the product is good, however the bottle cap is garbage. I could not tighten the cap to prevent leakage. I emailed the company about this, but no reply — and that is always a red flag for me.

    • cbdmagic

      Hi Thomas,

      We apologize for the experienced you had. We take the utmost pride in our Customer Service.

      Did anyone from our team get back to you?

      If not, please contact us via email at [email protected] or call directly at (844)LAB4CBD. We will take care of this issue immediately for you.

  48. Ronald

    I still have to adjust the amount to get the full benefit

  49. galen

    has not worked yet as expected

  50. Denise

    Very satisfied Excellant delivery time

  51. Nicole

  52. Stephen

    Helping tremendously with nerve and muscle pain resulting from c spine disc issues and wear/tear from an active and injury filled life.

  53. Bruce

    Very Happy with this product. The price is right, delivered quickly and performs as expected. Looked around a lot before purchasing. I’m currently looking at other items that they offer.

  54. Bruce

    Exactly as advertised and delivered within 2 days. When I notified CBD Magic of some spillage due to a bottling error I was immediately sent a replacement order without asking. Very impressed! I’ll be back!

  55. Glen C.

    Good post sale support

  56. Mac Day

  57. Tremblay Lucien

  58. Michael Kambouroff

    Wish I could have actually tried their product but they put them in their boxes (flimsy) and in a Canada post bubble bag and ship them across Canada.

    They do not take responsibility for their bare minimal packaging or any damages that occur during shipment.

    We got two bottles for 180 bucks roughly and it took almost 2 weeks for us to receive our order l. When we received it, both bottles were broken!

    Biggest waste of money ever. I have ordered from a couple other stores that have actually ensured their products wouldn’t be damaged. Horrible and would not recommend ordering through this company.

    Many other great Canadian companies that will ensure their products arrive safely.

    If you want broken cbd bottles, order from cbd magic and they will tell you to call Canada post!

    • cbdmagic

      Hi Michael,

      This is Kevin, just wanted to follow up about our conversation over the phone.

      As discussed, we had a bad batch of caps used in our latest production and apologize for this error. We have identified the issue and replaced all of the caps.

      We have sent you the replacement items free of charge and hope we can win you back with our quality and service.

      We are a young company that is still growing and we will be better as a result of this. Thank you for your support Michael.


  59. Caroline K.

    CBD Magic Full Spectrum has helped improved my sleep tenfold. I have recommended it to so many people to improve sleep, joint pain and overall health.

  60. Michel Lavergne

    Just received and waiting for positive effects.

  61. Doreen McLeod

  62. Anonymous

    got this for my mom who has bad arthritis
    she’s very happy with the results

  63. Anna

    It works great! So much better than another brand I was using.

  64. judith H.

    very fast service

  65. Robert

    As a New Customer I was thrilled with the Fast Response, Genuine Customer Service and Willing To Help Attitude I experiences with CBD MAGIC. I would Highly Recommend this Company to anyone.

  66. Anonymous

    Great Service and all questions were answered very fast.

  67. Lesley

    Great product and price. Wish it came in peppermint though. Super fast shipping.

  68. Terry

    The service and product I give a 5 plus. As for the delivery I give a 1. I understand we are going through a pandemic but I have been receiving product well before the pandemic so there is no excuse. I tracked my product like I usually do and low and behold it went back and forth between portals before I recieved it. Definitely human error. I worked at Canada Post for 35 years. When I ship personally I use other means. So all and your product is great. Keep up the good work☺️

  69. Stanley D.

    My mother has the kind of arthritis that the less you move the more in pain you are because of this shes mostly in pain after work during the night and early in the morning. Now she gets way better night sleep and shes not in pain when getting up in the middle of the night or the morning. I would definitely recommend it also thanks Kevin for all the help!

  70. Tammy

    This cbd is great all my customers love it’s quality

  71. Anonymous

  72. Igor

  73. Sargon Anaki-Anhari

    I have arthritic pain in my knee, lower back and some of my knuckles as well as sciatic pain. After reading a lot about CBD oil, I decided to give it a try. Not knowing the difference at the time I got a bottle of CBD isolate from another well-known company. But after going through two bottles, all I noticed that it was only making me sleepy, even during the day. No pain relief!
    So I decided to try full spectrum CBD oil and bought this product/brand from a store in Mississauga.

    I also take 3000 mg/day of curcumin w/BioPerine in 3 equal doses.
    The combination of CBD oil and curcumin has reduced my pain, exceeding my expectations!
    I did stop taking them twice for a week or 2 just to see if it was a placebo effect and all the pain was back on the second day of not taking them. Now I know for fact that they do work in a perfect harmony together. At least for me.

    Just a reminder about curcumin: It contains oxalate and can cause kidney stones. But taking a break from it while still taking CBD oil for a couple of weeks every 4-5 weeks and taking Chanca Piedra helps flush the kidneys of any crystal build-ups!

    I would suggest anyone with any inflammation related pain to try this combination and dump the big pharma’s organ-killing drugs!
    I ordered a 4000mg bottle directly from here and got it in only 2 days!

    Thank you CBDMagic for your products here, for helping me as well as many others to manage our pain and having a better quality in our lives!
    I will definitely buy from you again.

  74. Darci Emter

  75. David Cooper

    I love speaking with Kevin! He was extremely knowledgable, knew his CBD and directed me to the Full Spectrum 1000mg. I gave it to my husband as a present and so far, he’s giving the nod of approval! 5/5 for me

  76. H Innes

    Tastes even better than the regular (not full spectrum) hemp tincture product and very much better than cannabis based products. Has mild positive effect for this customer and no drowsiness, thanks to its very low THC content.

  77. Jacob A.

    Pure CBD was just putting me to sleep… the full spectrum on the other hand did the job correctly. Pain went away and getting better each day.

  78. Steve L.

    My PTSD symptoms have eased up since taking it for a week now. Hoping it will continue to improve

  79. Sharon Smith

  80. Sharon Smith

  81. Vincent Williams

    Tried CBD2GO and calyx which I thought was the best in Canada. Found cbd magic through a friend and I’m blown away by the quality. Two thumbs up!

  82. Allen C.

    This Full Spectrum oil is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Helps with numerous issues like joint pain and inflammation

  83. Vince P.

    Excellent customer service. Will definitely purchase again.

  84. David Jones

    Discrete packaging, Quick Shipping! First day and so far, so good.

  85. Vivian Carroll

    The absolute best full spec I have ever tried! The taste is whatever, but the effects are a God-sent. Will definitely be ordering more.

  86. Alex K.

    Taste was a bit off for me at first but after continuous use I’m starting to enjoy it

  87. Dave S.

    Fast shipping & good quality product. Will recommend to others

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If you have any questions about dosing CBD, please refer to our CBD Dosage Guide for more information. It’s always important to first learn all there is about dosing to help make the most out of your CBD products.

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Coming Soon page and learn about our latest product developments. Be the first to know what’s coming and also pre-order some of our latest CBD products.

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