CBD2HEAL CBD Healing Salve Cream 1000mg

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All CBD Hemp products are Made in Canada and we provide FREE SHIPPING! This product contains 0% THC.

Looking for CBD Creams for Pain in Canada? Introducing our CBD Healing Salve 1000mg, one of our flagship CBD creams for effective pain relief. All of our CBD products are made in Toronto, Canada. This CBD pain cream will provide you the pain relief you are looking for. See full description below.

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CBD Healing Salve Cream for Pain Relief 1000mg

Looking for CBD pain cream that will provide great pain relief in Canada? You have come to the right place! The CBD Healing Salve Cream is our #1 seller and is loaded with a variety of Essential Oils, Beeswax, and infused with CBD isolate to treat and heal chronic pain, muscle pain, joint pain, bruises and more!

All of our CBD isolate products are made in Toronto, Canada. Experience stress-free delivery service in Canada as we strive to provide the utmost quality in product and service. We ship our isolate to Ottawa, Toronto, Quebec and all over Canada!

Cannabidiol Breakdown on Dosage:
• 2oz tin: 1000mg CBD

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Additional information

Weight 58 g
Dosage Amount

1000 mg


Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Beeswax, CBD Isolate, Juniper Berry Essential Oil, Laurel Leaf Essential Oil, Copaiba Essential Oil, Cayenne Pepper Oil

75 reviews for CBD2HEAL CBD Healing Salve Cream 1000mg

  1. James Lee

  2. Brian I.

    It helped , the 2000 helped a lot more .

  3. Sami

  4. Jennifer R.

    Fantastic product. Helps with several kinds of pain. My whole family loves it, especially the seniors. As a side benefit, we are all sleeping better. Thank you.

  5. Anonymous

  6. Anonymous

    I find this product helpful on joints and sore muscles

  7. Anonymous

    This salve reduced my upper back pain and chest pain due to chronic muscle spasm. It made me sleep better than before will keep using it but might try the cbd oil later if I feel I need something stronger.

  8. Anonymous

    The jury is still out as only used a few times prior to workouts but certainly getting some pain relief. So far so good. Easy to apply with no oily residue. Check back with me in a couple of months.

  9. Klaus S.

    So far, I’ve only used one application. Too early to tell how effective it is. I find the consistency a bit to stiff (wax-like) for easy application/spreading.

  10. Lee Atkinson

    Great product and the shipping time was very fast!

  11. Frances Noik

    Received after a lengthy wait but understandably. CanadaPost doing their best. BRAVO!!!

  12. Jennifer A.

    Works wonders for my back pain! A little goes a long way!

  13. Fiona

  14. Peggy

    Works for me

  15. Cathy B.

    I used this on my hands for arthritis and found an obvious decrease in pain.

  16. Anonymous

  17. Maria Girard

    Very satisfy

  18. Anonymous

    I don’t write a lot of reviews, but this company deserves it. This is the third CBD cream I have ever tried, and it is way, way better than the other two. I like the fact that this company puts the strength (mg) on what you buy, so you can gauge what you need, and shipping was quick.

    I do quite a lot of athletic training (and needed something medically legit/allowed), and sometimes put in 2-4 sessions in a day. The first thing I noticed about this cream is how fast it works. Most athletes do some physical therapy to target common/previous sites of injury. The next thing I noticed was increased flexibility in these areas, which has helped my form in yoga. Overall, I’m very impressed and will buy this product again. The only caution I have at this point (especially for athletes) is if you use this cream, don’t slack off of your hydration, sleep, and joint care.

  19. William

    Works great, takes the pain away pretty fast…

  20. Brad

    The cream seems to work well. I bought it for my parents as they both experience arthritis. I was told they were able to use some in the early evening, it started working in about 20min, and lasted through the night. They were able to sleep without being woken up from the pain. So they are happy with the product.

    I am not happy with the shipping however. I paid the premium to get priority shipping, yet it took 2 weeks. A waste of money there.

  21. ledoux j.

  22. Jason W.

  23. Pawel

  24. Stavros

  25. PHIL A.

  26. Yvonne

    Seems to help my OA finger joints, but I need to apply a fair bit, so it is not as good a deal as taking CBD drops orally.

  27. Tyson D.

    This product is great for people suffering from Arthritis.

  28. Cécile L.

    Great product. Fast delivery.

  29. Virginia V.

    works very well for spot pain – more like a wax

  30. Vicotria Fediuk

  31. Jan

    I applied on my arthritic knee before bed and slept well without breakthrough pain

  32. Richard U.

    I love this product. I have a chronic osteoarthritis and I use it in the morning and before bedtime. Highly recommend it for people with chronic pain.

  33. Anonymous

  34. Cindy Beaudry

    It didn’t help much for me but my husband noticed a big difference! I might try one of the stronger ones

  35. ledoux jean-roger

    work very well

  36. Claude Jr Blier

    very good for local pain

  37. George K.

    Works very nicely, rubs in easily.

  38. gabriel

  39. Michael

    All good. No issues.

  40. Rob D.


    I bought this for my mom, who has been experiencing debilitating back pain. She can’t say enough good things about it and is especially happy about being able to get a good night’s sleep for the first time in days. I look forward to purchasing a salve for myself.

  42. Mark F.

    High quality! Works great

  43. Karen

    Been using for back pain, it has reduced it and allowed for more comfortable living.

  44. Claude Jr Blier

    still not sure if working on me

  45. ledoux j.

  46. Margaret T.

    It works great for a number of skin conditions including old scars and age marks and infections and acne and other unexplained discolorations and bumps LOL. It is quite expensive though I would say totalling $100 when all is said and done so if there was any way to provide it cheaper that would be great!!! My only other comment would be if it could be of thicker viscosity and more like an ointment than such a fast-melting salve, if possible? Delivery was very quick and under four days and nice and secure in my Canada Post lockbox instead of being just put it on my doorstep somewhere to be stolen LOL. Thank you!

  47. Helena

    My husband and I love this salve. It really helps to take care of pain and I really love the smell.

  48. Alan

  49. Debby

    Has not relieved the pain in my knee.

  50. galen

    Relief felt very quickly, seems like good product and will order more

  51. Suzanne Lissoway

  52. Bonnie Siegfried


  53. Michelle K.

    Was looking for something with high CBD content for chronic neck and shoulder pain. Works great..relieves my pain quickly. A little goes a long way.

  54. Anonymous

    Nice heat, and definitely relaxes tight muscles and reduces pain.

  55. Caroline K.

    I bought this for my 76 mother-in-law for joint and muscle pain. She said it has greatly helped in improving her arthritis, pain and swelling in various areas of her body. My father-in-law is now using it daily for his aches and pains with much improvement.

  56. Manny B.

    My 85 year father suffers from shoulder pains. He asked for my recommendations and I said to try CBD but he didn’t want anything he had to ingest. So I got him the salve and he’s sold on CBD’s ability to numb / remove his pain.

  57. Elena

    The best/strongest cream I have ever used. I apply 3x daily for pain maintenance. I love this cream!

  58. Jon Bishop

    I never tried product yet, but it was processed and shipped very fast. The operator I spoke to was very patient, knowledgeable and nice. Will be buying from cbd magic again

  59. Anonymous

    A small dab, rub it in well, & feel it start to cool the pain area. About 1 hr. later I noticed the pain was reduced. No smell to notice.

  60. Michael

  61. Stanley D.

    My mother has arthritis when she gets home from work shes extremely sore and somewhat in pain. Applying the salve to her neck hands and feet has helped greatly to relieve pain. She uses the salve for the evening and the Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil Tincture 1000mg before going to sleep, the combination really helps. Thanks Kevin for all the help!

  62. Mike

    Put it this way, I never review products. But this helped a lot with my nagging groin pain that wouldn’t go away with any other treatments. Definitely will buy more

  63. Anonymous

    A little pricey but it does work good.

  64. Anonymous

    Using this product for a tendon issue it’s helps with some pain and stiffness

  65. Griffin P.

    Bad herniated disc and it does help me alleviate some pain

  66. Madaline Adams

    Sleeping with discomfort is an issue I’ve dealt with for the past 15 years. I rub this on my neck before sleeping and I don’t know if it’s a placebo effect or not, but I’ve been having better sleep for 2 days now. Will post back in a week for an update.

  67. Ryan S.

    Surprised by the cooling effect. It’s a cool sensation that helps numb my sore joints

  68. Samantha p

    My grandma uses this daily and its her favourite product. There isn’t a day she doesn’t use the salve since buying it two months ago.

  69. Amanda

    Absolutely blown away by this! Immediate relief wherever it’s applied. Best seller!

  70. Joseph L.

    Effective relief for sore muscles and joints after a long day. Highly recommended

  71. Adison

    I’m an MMA fighter and I used to always smoke weed after training or a match. I discovered CBD a few years ago and use cbd move’s brand before finding CBD Magic. What a huge difference… I thought I was getting the full effects with the other brand, but I was getting fooled… I would have to use 5 times the amout just to get similar effects as CBD Magic… CBD Magic is LEGIT. I recommend it to all my MMA friends and any athlete that has some kind of joint or muscle pain.

  72. Howard G.

    Would recommend for those suffering from muscle pain

  73. Freddie Nelson

    Comes in a box with a tin can inside. There was a small manual in the Hemp Oil products I received, however this one didn’t have it… no biggie. Been using it for 6 days and I think it’s working. Not sure yet… still need some more time.

  74. Edward K.

    I have a sore lowerback and this thing provides immediate relief!

  75. Julian Anderson

    I have chronic knee pain from playing a lot of tennis. I got an email from CBD Magic about the Healing Salve and gave it a shot. To my surprise, my pain is much more tolerable and I feel like I have a lot more flexibility. I’ve been using this for 3 months now and I definitely see bigger improvements each month.

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If you have any questions about dosing CBD, please refer to our CBD Dosage Guide for more information. It’s always important to first learn all there is about dosing to help make the most out of your CBD products.

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Coming Soon page and learn about our latest product developments. Be the first to know what’s coming and also pre-order some of our latest CBD products.

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