If you haven’t heard of CBD and its powerful healing qualities, you must have been living under a rock. But did you know that the same CBD you might use to treat chronic conditions like pain, anxiety, and cancer, has the same advantages for your canine or feline friend?

You are probably wondering how you can add CBD into your pet’s routine safely and effectively, how to avoid side effects, and get the desired results. That is exactly why we wrote this post: to help you incorporate CBD into your pet’s regiment to maximize their quality of life.

Why Pets Need CBD

Here is how your pet can benefit from CBD:

Pain: This is probably the most common reason for pet parents to order CBD tinctures online for their pets. It is inevitable that when animals age, their joints see troubles. In spite of diligently providing glucosamine and chondroitin, a healthy diet, and lots of rest, this pain is often pervasive. Hemp oil and CBD can help your pet deal with this pain by giving them some much needed relief.

Appetite issues: When animals age, they may not crave food the way they once did. This can be really risky since food is a great source of vitamins and minerals they need to stay healthy. When it comes to figuring out how to use hemp oil, food is a great approach with dual benefits. The CBD gives them a healthy appetite and, when it is added to their food, they get essential nutrition as well.

Sleep deprivation: An issue that’s more so for young pups, sleep deprivation can issue for both the growth of your pet and their sleep cycle. CBD helps them get the rest they need by slowing down their nervous activity long for them to get that much needed rest and relaxation. Sometimes, you require it over the long term, and other times it is only temporary. Ultimately, this is up to your pet.

Anxiety: Pets, just like people, suffer the throes of nervousness. CBD and hemp oil is really helpful for this since it is proven to limit the physiological response to stress in mammals. This helps with everything from social anxiety to separation stress (especially in the young years).

Bladder troubles: It is no secret that some animals have a harder time controlling their bladder function, whether they are feline or canine. Often, this is a result of nerves. Thankfully, this means that CBD oil can help significantly by reducing the physical impacts of stress, thereby helping them hold it until the time is right.

Furry Felines

When you seek a CBD tincture for cats, chances are you have a desired effect in mind already. Whether this is reducing stress or increasing their appetite, finding your pet CBD in Canada is all about sourcing high quality products designed for our furry friends.

Cats have unique needs, especially since they generally different than dogs and hold a unique digestive system. As a result, when you order a CBD tincture online, have the weight and age of your kitty on hand. It helps to get the dosing correct so that you don’t over (or underdo) it to prevent overdosage or underdosage.

Cuddly Canines

In terms of getting a CBD tincture for dogs, it is important to keep your pet’s breed in mind. Large dogs generally have slower digestive systems. This means that the CBD will stay in their system for longer. Medium sized and small dog breeds process chemicals quickly, meaning they need more frequent dosing. Understand your dog’s needs (whether it be anxiety, social stress, or pain), and dose accordingly. While there are some parameters for how to use CBD tinctures, all pets are unique. Start small and work your way up until you titrate in the correct dose. It may take some time, but hemp oil for dogs is proven to have a host of advantages for your cuddly canine.

Whether you need CBD Tincture Oil for small sized pets or medium sized pets, CBD Magic has got you covered.

Where To Buy CBD Online

Many people have pets live in apartments, with dogs and cats residing throughout Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. This poses a unique issue when you are wondering to yourself, “Where can I buy CBD?” Chances are that you spend your spare time with your furry friends and don’t want to waste a day seeking out a store for a CBD tincture. The good news is that now, you no longer have to wonder where to buy CBD hemp oil in Canada. With CBD Magic, this helpful substance gets delivered right to your door. Now it is easier than ever to help your pets thrive.

Side Effects

It is proper pet parent prudence to consider CBD tincture side effects. After all, how can you give your furry friend something without considering this aspect? The good news is that, unlike a lot of other substances, CBD is really safe. There are no records of lethal overdoses, meaning you can administer it safely without any chance of harm to your pets.

That said, there are some impacts to consider. Given that cats often see kidney issues and renal trouble has been associated with cannabis, it is important to keep an eye on bladder function. Start small and work your way up to avoid this trouble. Of course, remain observant over the long term and, if there are any concerns, stop using the tincture and seek a consultation (this is extremely rare but good to consider).

Other side effects include an increased appetite especially true if your pet already had a healthy hunger, to begin with. It is perfectly normal and can be mended with extra food and proper hydration. That said, if weight is a concern, keep this in mind when you begin a CBD treatment for your pet.

Lethargy should also be considered. It is a great impact when your pet is jittery, to begin with, though if you are treating pain instead, bear in mind that your pup or kitten may appear tired and drowsy. This usually abates over time, but if it hasn’t after a couple of weeks, consider reducing the dosage.

Generally speaking, side effects are minimal and disappear within a couple of weeks. After you find the right dosage, and reach the desired impacts, stick to the routine. It is important for pets to have a regular schedule in their lives, so when you choose to incorporate CBD, keep it in the regiment. Also, bear in mind that tinctures are only half the battle. They work best when combined with a healthy lifestyle (good diet, proper hydration, and healthy exercise) as well as the love and attention of their pet parent. With all factors considered, your pet is set up for a healthy and happy life.

Final Thoughts About CBD for Pets

Pets, especially dogs and cats, are prone to some issues like appetite troubles, bathroom issues, sleep troubles, and anxiety. When properly (and regularly) administered, CBD offers great benefits that help your pets thrive. Like with any supplement, keep your eye out for behavioral quirks, find the right dose, and only purchase through CBD Magic or CBD2HEAL – trustworthy and reliable platforms where you can order CBD oil tinctures online. When you do all these things, your pets have the best opportunity for success over the long term. Try out CBD for your cat or dog, they will thank you for it.

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