If you’ve been experiencing body aches, you’ll know how painful and annoying they can be. They make it difficult for you to complete simple tasks such as walking down the stairs or carrying groceries. As a result, you feel lazy and unmotivated to do any physical activity throughout the day. To help deal with the pain of body aches, we’ll explain why CBD is the perfect solution and how you should use CBD oil.

What You Need to Consider

There are pain-relieving properties found in CBD that have been tested in preclinical animal studies that have shown a reduction in pain. Observational studies, limited testing, and anecdotal experiences have also shown promising results. However, as of today, there aren’t enough human studies to state that CBD does in fact help with pain management.
In other words, you will find individuals who use CBD and claim that it both did and did not help them manage their pain. You may want to consider doing your own testing to see if CBD does help you deal with pain, and we’ll teach you how using CBD oil later on.

How CBD Helps With Body Ache Pain and Other Symptoms

CBD is commonly known to help people deal with all kinds of pain, including cancer pain, neuropathic pain, migraine pain, arthritis pain, fibromyalgia, and more. CBD also helps deal with body ache pain regardless of where it hurts. Whether you have back pain, joint pain, muscle pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, hand pain, elbow pain, neck pain, or feet pain, CBD will help alleviate it.

CBD is also known to help people deal with chronic pain which can include parts of your body that ache for long periods of time. You can imagine how painful and uncomfortable it can be to deal with consistent pain that lasts for months, despite taking medication or receiving medical treatment. A study from PubMed Central (PMC) reviewed several trials and studies and found substantial evidence that CBD effectively helps adults deal with chronic pain. The study also found that the test subjects were not going to need to take a higher dosages of CBD overtime as their tolerance remained the same. Therefore, as long as you know how to calculate your dosage, you can regularly use CBD to manage your body ache pain.

For some people, they may even experience other symptoms that can come with body aches, including headaches, migraines, fatigue, and feeling week. As you guessed, CBD helps to alleviate the pain of headaches and migraines. Another benefit of CBD is that it doesn’t have any intoxicating properties that THC does which makes you feel drowsy and fatigue. Instead, CBD makes you feel relaxed, gives you a sense of calmness and focus, and improves your sense of well-being. It’s a misconception that CBD makes you lazy which then makes you want to climb into your bed to sleep, so you don’t have to worry about that. Rather, CBD helps you get a good night’s sleep by calming your mind and feeling more relaxed while laying in bed.

Causes of Body Aches and How CBD Helps

Stress is a factor that can cause body aches as it causes tension in your body and weakens your immune system. How this works is, as you’re feeling stressed, your muscles tense up and then releases once you relax. However, your muscles will constantly tense up if you don’t get the chance to relax. As a result, this may lead to body aches all over your body. CBD helps deal with stress as it has stress reducing properties as well. CBD interacts with your CB1 and CB2 receptors in your central and peripheral nervous systems to alter serotonin signals, and this helps you deal with stress, anxiety, and even depression.

Lack of quality sleep is another factor that can cause body aches, along with other negative health effects. In order for your body’s tissues and cells to remain healthy, you need to get a good night’s rest every night. Without quality sleep, your body isn’t able to rest and replenish essential energies and processes, and this may lead to body ache pain. However, do not confuse taking CBD with THC. As we mentioned earlier, CBD doesn’t have intoxicating properties like THC that make you feel lazy and puts you to sleep. Instead, it gives you a sense of calmness and makes you feel relaxed, and this will help give you quality sleep. You’ll wake up the next day feeling refreshed, whereas THC can leave you feeling groggy and unmotivated the next morning.

Arthritis can also lead to body ache pain as your joints become swollen and inflamed. Arthritis pain becomes more common as you get older because your joints get stiffer and more become more tender. As you know, CBD will reduce the pain caused by all types of arthritis pain.

How to use CBD Oil for Body Ache Pain

Buying licensed CBD oil is legal in Canada and the United States. So, if you’re looking to use CBD oil for body ache pain, go with a trusted brand such as Full Spectrum CBD from our site, CBD Magic. Learn how to properly calculate your dosage and then use the sublingual method for taking CBD oil. Here’s how it works:

  • Use the dropper attached to the cap of the bottle to drop the calculated amount of oil underneath your tongue and let it sit for 30 seconds. This will help ensure that the oil gets completely absorbed into your bloodstream and used by your body.

If you prefer taking CBD using other methods, we recommend checking out CBD Magic’s shop that has everything from edibles, vaporizers, water soluble capsules, topicals, and more. They have a wide selection of products that are great for pain relief, anxiety, sleep, focus, skin, and pets.


If you’ve never used CBD before, we highly recommend you give it a try as it’s become widely available and popular. To be extra safe, (if you are currently treating a medical condition or are taking any prescription drugs it is best to consult with your family doctor before taking CBD) you may want to consult with your family doctor or a healthcare professional.