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We Currently Accept Canadian Partners

Get a FREE sample product by signing up as a wholesaler upon approval for those who are eligible.

We provide a FULL REFUND of up to $5000 CAD if you are unable to sell our brand products for whatever reason within 90 days.

Please review the Wholesale Agreement for more details.

You CANNOT be a Wholesaler and an Affiliate at the same time. This is a breach of the agreement.

Our Brands

  • A minimum order amount of $1000 CAD required.
  • 90 day money-back guarantee – up to $5000 CAD.
  • You will receive our Premium CBD products at a substantial discount of the retail price.
  • These include our exclusive CBD Magic and CBD2HEAL & CBD Nature brands.

Join Our Team Today!

We are providing FREE SAMPLES of our products upon approval for those who are eligible.

Once you have been approved, a wholesale account will be created and you will be able to view the wholesale pricing.

We are confident you will love our products that we are willing to share with the world what we have been trying to accomplish here in Canada.

Authorized Wholesalers & Distributors

The following list is our approved wholesalers and distributors:

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