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What’s to Come?

CBD Magic develops and innovates all of their latest CBD Oil products in Toronto, Canada. We will eventually expand our CBD Oil facilities to Vancouver, Edmonton, Ottawa and Winnipeg.

Our CBD Oil products in Canada will be the best in terms of innovation, quality, and manufacturing. And we want YOU to be the judge!

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Latest CBD Oil Products in Canada

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Full Spectrum CBD Pain Relief Stick

Full-Spectrum CBD
Pain Relief Stick 1000mg

The beauty of Full-Spectrum CBD is that it does more than just heal you. It triggers the regulatory functions to help you recover and feel better fast. Pre-order our Full-Spectrum CBD Pain Relief Stick 1000mg and experience the benefits.

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Full-Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil
Peppermint 1000mg

With Full-Spectrum CBD, you receive not just cannabidiol but also CBN, CBDV and THCV. These vital cannabinoids work together to help provide maximum pain relief.

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Full Spectrum CBD Peppermint Oil
CBD Healing Salve

Zen Leafs Full Spectrum
Gummies 300mg

Zen Leafs is a premium Full Spectrum CBD brand that offers nothing but the best Full Spectrum CBD products in Canada. Pre-order their Full Spectrum Gummies 300mg today!

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Water-Soluble CBD Capsule
600mg (30 caps.)

Our fast-absorbing Water Soluble CBD Capsules is something that can benefit your health greatly. Water Soluble offers much greater bioavailability than traditional CBD oil products on the market.

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CBD Healing Salve
CBD Healing Salve

Full-Spectrum CBD Capsule
600mg (30 caps.)

Our Full-Spectrum Hemp capsules are formulated in Coconut Oil (no dripping of capsules) and Full-Spectrum CBD extracted from Hemp.

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Latest R&D News

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CBD Magic is committed to developing some of the best and innovative CBD oil products out there in Canada. It's

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