CBD Magic Affiliate Program

What is the Affiliate Program?

The Affiliate Program is a system where you can earn money anywhere, anytime by promoting our CBD products through your Unique Website Link and earning 15% off every sale and 5% lifetime commission off a Sub Affiliate (a person who signed up for the Affiliate Program after going to your Unique Website Link).

Once a customer makes a purchase through your Unique Link, they will be YOUR customer FOR LIFE. Yes, FOR LIFE. We highly recommend you push for wholesale and get repeated customers to have a steady income that is ridiculously lucrative.

You will be assigned an Account Manager who will be in constant contact with you to ensure you will be successful.

Important: Once a customer purchases through your Unique Link, they will be your customer FOR LIFE!

What is the Commission Structure?

We operate in a Two-Tier structured system – Parent Affiliate and Sub Affiliate(s).

Tier 1 (Parent Affiliate)
You will earn 15% commission for every completed order through your Unique Website Link. Once the customer purchases through your Unique Link, they will be your customer for life! Top performers will receive additional compensation in the form of bonuses.

Tier 2 (Sub Affiliate)
Anyone who accesses our website through your Unique Website Link, and joins the Affiliate Program, they will automatically become your Sub Affiliate.
They will still get paid their 15% commission, however you will also receive 5% lifetime commission from all sales through this Sub Affiliate. You can have as many Sub Affiliates as you’d like.

How much do I have to invest?

You do not have to purchase or resell anything. You do not have to put in a single dime towards our products. You do not have to fulfill any orders as we have a shipping department dedicated to it. All you have to do is promote our products through your Unique Website Link and once the customer makes a purchase, they will be your customer FOR LIFE!

Do you have a license?

We currently have a Hemp License issued by Heath Canada. In addition, we follow all GMP regulations from Health Canada when producing our products to ensure the absolute highest quality possible. We also have third-party lab testing done to further solidfy our quality and purity.

When and how do I receive my commission?

We pay out commissions on the 1st of every month. We use PayPal to ensure safety and security. Please create a PayPal account for the fastest payment method. If you do not have a PayPal account, please contact us directly for further assistance.

What if I don’t receive my commission?

Please contact your Account Manager if you do not receive a payment. If you are unable to reach your Account Manager, please contact us directly and we will do our due dilligence to ensure you get paid as soon as possible.

Where do I see my commission and payments?

Upon being approved for the Affiliate Program, you will be assigned an Account Manager who will provide you with a Coupon Code to share with your customers.

You will have access to the Affiliate Area section where you can find out information such as your Unique Website Link, Pending Payments, Visitors, Sub Affiliates, Bonuses, and more.

What if a Customer goes to my Unique Website Link and clicks on another Affiliates link after?

If a customer clicks on your Unique Website Link, their IP address will be attached/stored to your account for 30 days. However, if a customer visits a different Affiliate’s Unique Website Link within the 30 days time frame, the customer will now be linked to the new Affiliate for 30 days.

This is done to promote fairness with all of our Affiliates. However, once a customer PURCHASES through your Unique Link, they will be your customer FOR LIFE regardless if they clicked on another Affiliate Links afterwards.

How do I promote the products?

To start, we recommend you to start posting your Unique Website Link on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter. When sharing your Unique Website Link, the Coupon Code will automatically generate so your followers can see the discount code; when clicking on this banner, it will directly link to your Unique Website Link.

If you have a dedicated website, you will see the “Direct Linking” tab in the Affiliate Area section. Add your domain and upon approval, you can start promoting our products without a Unique Website Link.

I am new to Online Marketing. Will you provide assistance?

We have guides on how to post to social media platforms, step-by-step instructions to walk you through the process and a collection of some of the best videos on the Internet about Online Marketing strategies. In addition, you will have an Account Manager who will be with you every step of the way to ensure you are successful.