Are you looking to find reputable and legitimate places to buy CBD Oil in Vancouver? There have been many other companies purporting quality CBD oil products but truthfully there are a lot of fakes one that you’ll have to deal with! As with many other things in life, it can be hard to find a trusted source for quality things but this article is meant to help you purchase CBD oil products not just in Vancouver, but also in Canada! Read more below to find out where you can buy CBD products.

Where to Buy CBD Oil in Vancouver

1) The Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary

The Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary is a non-profit organization that opened on October 6, 2008. Their mission is to provide high-quality medicinal cannabis products to those who need it most. They have been a reputable company due to their many years of operating and their mission is to provide quality CBD and cannabis products for patients for years to come. Their dispensary is by membership only.

2) Village Bloomery

The Village Bloomery is a cannabis retail business – and a community of quality people – located in the heart of Vancouver, Canada.

Operating from 2015 and onwards, they have been helping CBD and cannabis users make informed decisions about CBD oil and cannabis, enabling them to find the best possible treatment for their health and wellness.

3) Cannabis Culture

Cannabis Culture was originally a magazine about marijuana and hemp around the world. As of spring 2009, they are unfortunately no longer available as a printed publication. We are still recognized as one of the best sources for information due to our highest-standard journalism and news delivery about cannabis-related politics, activism, growing information, entertainment and more!

They also operate a storefront where you can buy CBD oil products. Their address is:

Cannabis Culture Headquarters
307 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC
V6B 1H6

Are you looking to buy CBD Oil online for convenience?

People have increasingly been shopping online for items instead of visiting in store. The reasons are quite obvious! You don’t have to spend time commuting to the store and wait in line to buy your product. Sure you might have to wait a few days for it to arrive by shipping but the pros certainly outweight the cons when it comes to buying CBD oil products online!

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