Most people see a huge amount of benefit from including CBD oil in their regiment. Amongst some of the key members of this group are the elderly. As we age, our systems become increasingly vulnerable to side effects of common prescriptions which is why it is often beneficial to choose a natural route.

Since CBD comes in different forms and doses while also being an organically present choice, it allows elderly folk to use it safely. Not only does it have fewer side effects than many other comparable medications, but it is also easy to access and relatively low cost compared to alternatives.

Reasons For Use

There are countless reasons to opt for the advantages of hemp and cannabis-derived products. Amongst the most common reasons for choosing this treatment route are:

  • Headaches & Migraines: Many choose to use CBD tincture for migraine relief since it comes with fewer risks for those 65+ than over the counter medications. Even acetaminophen risks damage to the liver and ibuprofen can damage the renal system. These are the two baseline approaches to treating migraines. With CBD oil, seniors have a better option with less risk.
  • Seizures & Shakes: Elderly folk with epilepsy (or those who suffer seizures as a side effect of something else), often opt for a natural approach to treatment. Choosing CBD tincture for seizures lets seniors avoid the complications of mixing medications for their treatments. It can prevent even further side effects from an underlying illness or from other medicines.
  • Vertigo & Dizziness: When seniors reach for CBD tincture for vertigo, it offers them a drastic relief from dizziness. Whether due to motion sickness or the impacts of other medicine, CBD tincture for vertigo is a natural approach to treatment. Often, it can even be beneficial in low dosages meaning it is a very economical approach to feeling well. This is especially helpful for those on a fixed income, as many elderly folks are.
  • Arthritis & Pain: Countless seniors pursue CBD tincture for pain relief because it is a natural alternative with fewer risks than narcotics. Instead of reaching for opioids (that are both addictive and have many negative impacts), seniors can simply take a tincture to help with healing. Proven to assist with the pain caused by inflammation and arthritis, CBD is a great solution for the elderly with problematic or chronic pain.

Proper Dosages

Of course, depending on metabolism and the reason for use, the dosage requirements vary. As with any chemical, it is wise to start small and increase your dose incrementally over time. While many younger users start with a dose of around 10mg, seniors can begin with roughly 2mg. Within approximately 6 hours of the intake, you gain an understanding of the therapeutic to adjust to your personal dosage accordingly.

Often, issues like pain require a smaller dose than problems like seizures. The good news is that, for instance, a 500mg CBD tincture can last a substantial amount of time meaning it is an affordable alternative compared to other solutions. However, it is still important to keep in mind the fact that the ideal dosage will depend on the senior’s condition and other medications they are currently taking.

CBD is vulnerable to the potentiating impacts of other chemicals, particularly those found in common medications. Potentiation refers to the impacts of one substance intensifying the effects of another. Basically, this means that if you are taking a medication that already causes fatigue or drowsiness, CBD will likely amplify these effects. This same effect is true of other side effects such as loose stool and dry mouth. Keep this in mind when identifying the right dosage for your needs.

Ideal Products

CBD products come in all sorts of shapes and forms; and, naturally, the one that will work best for you is the one you are most comfortable taking. There are some who choose CBD creams for localized pain due to arthritis. It provides a more centered form of relief that won’t necessarily permeate the body.

In other cases, many opt to buy CBD tea since it has both the soothing properties of CBD in addition to the warm water. An added benefit is that this increases hydration which can assist in managing side effects such as dry mouth. In fact, tea is one of the more popular ways of taking CBD amongst seniors because it can be easily incorporated into existing routines.

For a solution more directed towards aches and pains, many orients towards full-spectrum hemp oil. This product can be easily ingested and is easy to adapt the dosage over time. Since, with tea, you may need to consume more water than desired to increase the amount of CBD you consume, hemp oil is a great alternative. The package clearly states the CBD concentration in the product, which lets you adjust the amount slowly, over time.

In other cases, the elderly prefers capsule forms for their CBD intake. This means that the oil is held inside of a pill-like exterior which can easily be swallowed with water. It is a quick and efficient modality that appeals to those who may be shaky or have a hard time portioning out doses of free-flowing oils.

Qualified Distributors

Regardless of how much you choose to take and in what form, the most important thing is to find a qualified distributor. While it can be as simple as identifying a THC and CBD Toronto dispensary, there are a few barriers to success here for the elderly. The largest one of these considerations is reduced mobility. Going to a dispensary requires a time and energy-consuming trip out of the house. It also means battling lines, traffic; and, for the immunocompromised, the pathogens of others.

Cancer & CBD

Especially for those in chemotherapy, choosing where to buy CBD oil for cancer symptoms (a treatment side effects) is a major concern. Since it is unsafe to leave the controlled (and clean) environment of home, it is critical to select where to buy CBD oil for cancer patients based on these parameters. This chemical has been shown to assist in handling the side effects of chemo really well, particularly nausea and pain. Instead of going without, find a method of purchase that works for you.

With this in mind, it is often best to buy CBD oil online instead of at a dispensary. When opting to buy CBD oil online, it is essential to choose a reputable merchant. Find a seller who you trust, that supplies the products you need. Select an option that ships directly to your door and avoid all the risks of leaving the house to get this helpful treatment. CBD Magic provides an effortless option to purchase CBD oil from the comfort of your own place.


Overall, the elderly population can reap a lot of benefits from using CBD oil. Since it is now legal with or without a medical prescription, it has never been a better time to gain the advantages of CBD. Instead of dealing with the hassle of medication side effects, seniors can opt to try this hemp product as a way to improve quality of life.

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